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fb cover white - 8183three“The Oral Systemic Connection: It’s Time to Think Differently! Calculus vs Biofilm Debridement”

Thursday, December 5, 2019 @ 8pm EST
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Periodontal health is being linked as playing a larger role in systemic health. With the ongoing and emerging field of biofilm treatment, the connection between dental and systemic health is an increasingly important topic. This webinar will help oral health professionals understand the research and new technologies that offer enhanced patient outcomes.


  • Understanding the oral systemic link
  • Identify the right instrument for the job
  • Identify the role of biofilm management in periodontal health
  • Understand the inflammatory response triggered by the plaque biofilm
  • Discuss the effectiveness of the methods for biofilm removal, both at home and in the office

This webinar is an AGD PACE CE event.

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