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COVID-19 Info Session

Well it’s been quite the week for many of us!  I’m sure you’ve all been feeling the emotional roller coaster that is COVID-19.  Feelings of uncertainty and fear for what is to come.  I had some ups and downs this week myself.  Having to lay off my entire staff of 23 while in quarantine was not easy.  My staff are my friends, they are my family and it was so hard to not be there with them during the most stressful time we have ever encountered as a clinic.

I try daily to think of the positives or silver lining as they say.  I am thankful for the news of a negative test result this week, for the gift of time with my children…well mostly. lol  As many parents during this time of social distancing will agree, it has been tough at times to keep them busy and home schooling is a whole other story.  But at least the weather is cooperating!  Being able to get outside and seeing the sun has really helped.

Another silver lining for me is time for our profession.  For those that know me, it was a common theme this past year for me to say I am bursting with ideas and knowledge to share with our profession but I just don’t have enough time to get it out there!  Well here it is folks, we have been given the gift of time.  How will you be using your silver lining?

I wanted to help support our hygiene community through this difficult time, so I held an information session for dental hygienists in Alberta on Friday night.  We had Amie Dowell our CRDHA registrar and practice advisor Marthe Benoit join us to help answer some of the burning questions many of us had on our mind.  I know there are still many questions that just can’t be answered at this point, but I hope it provided some relief in knowing we are in this together.  The CRDHA is working tirelessly to help us through this and to prepare us to return strong and confident in our safety and practice in the future.

Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties with the webinar, only 100 people were able to get on live.  I was able to record the session though and have posted the link and other numbers as promised below.

With us being unable to provide ce courses in person any time soon, I’m working on getting a few courses up online as soon as I can!  Stay tuned for these topics:

  • Aerosols and pre-rinses-How to protect ourselves and our patients
  • Sleep apnea and myofunctional therapy for the dental hygienist
  • Oral systemic link-adjunctive therapies to keep our patients healthy


Stay hopeful, stay safe and stay healthy everyone!

Alberta Dental Hygienists COVID-19 Info Session Meeting Recording:

CDHA updates and support
EI Canada sickness number 1-833-381-2725
EI Canada regular number 1-800-529-3742



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