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Creating Empowered and Profitable Dental Hygiene Teams

Feeling overwhelmed with the thought of aerosol management post COVID? You are not alone! Join us to learn about the best aerosol management options on the market with cost analysis, current transmission precaution recommendations and more!

Transmission Precautions and Aerosol Management For Dental Hygienists Webinar Course 1CE hr

The spread of infection through dental aerosol and splatter has long been considered one of the main safety concerns for both patients and dental professionals. COVID-19 has definitely brought this topic to the forefront of our minds and what this may look like for our profession going forward.
Many devices used by dental hygienists are critical for proper biofilm debridement and disease management. Unfortunately, these devices are also amongst the highest risk procedures for producing aerosols in the dental office.
Although “The New Normal” will still require more time and research, there are many precautions that can be addressed now to reduce the incidence of aerosol transmission. While with all infection control procedures, it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk posed by dental aerosols, we will evaluate how to minimize the risk with relatively simple and inexpensive precautions. The best way to minimize dental aerosols is to utilize a layered prevention approach with multiple protections.
This course will review standard precautions many offices are currently lacking, address bacterial/viral load reduction options and compare HVE systems for the dental hygienist with ergonomics in mind.

Learning Objectives:

-Explain the risk factors and properties of aerosols generated during dental procedures
-List aerosol management techniques to reduce the risk of aerosol transmission to patients and providers
-Evaluate HVE options for dental hygiene procedures as well as investment cost comparisons charts
-Learn about additional product options to improve ergonomics and ease of use for HVE systems
-Review current standard precautions in PPE and predictions for changes post COVID
-List pre procedural options for bacterial and viral reduction
-Evaluate how layering of infection control steps can minimize the risk of aerosol transmission

May 4th, 2020 1:00pm MDT

Course Fee: $20



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