About Us

Creating Empowered and Profitable Dental Hygiene Teams

Chrissy Ford RDH, BScDH


Chrissy is committed to empowering dental hygienists to create strong patient centered and profitable hygiene programs. The development of her successful CE and coaching programs draws from 18 yrs experience in the dental field as a licensed hygienist, university clinic instructor, treatment coordinator and practice manager.  She still enjoys working as a dental hygienist in clinical practice but also has a passion for educating others.  She enjoys hands on mentoring and coaching dental teams on how to integrate advanced hygiene programs into their practice.

Throughout her experience she has seen many practices struggle and the dental hygiene department not live up to its potential. This is where Advanced Hygiene Solutions can help you and your team not only meet but exceed your goals!

I LOVE helping to progress our profession and inspire others! I am excited to meet with you and your team to start you on the path to creating an empowered and profitable hygiene department.

Louisa Zylstra RDH, BScD


We are very excited to have Louisa join the Advanced Hygiene Solutions family! I have been lucky enough to work side by side in clinical practice with this Rock Star Hygienist for almost 10 years. Together our passion for hygiene helps other hygienists and dental teams grow to their full potential! Louisa’s experience draws from over 11 years in clinical practice, perio specialty, and as a University clinical instructor. Her passion for perio and strong clinical skills make her such an asset to our hygiene coaching program!

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