Enhanced Instrumentation: Elevate Your Skills in Ultrasonics & Instrumentation Hands-on Course

Creating Empowered and Profitable Dental Hygiene Teams

Hygiene excellence

Whether you are a seasoned clinician or new graduate, we all wish to improve efficiency, productivity and periodontal outcomes using advanced instrumentation skills.  This hands-on program will take your clinical skills to new heights!  You will obtain up-to-date and clinically relevant information along with the skills required for traditional dental hygiene practice today.

Hygiene Excellence Part 1 will focus on theory and practical hands-on dentiform learning sessions which highlight the essentials of advanced hand instrumentation, ultrasonic scaling, ergonomics and sharpening techniques.  Then elevate your skills and build on your knowledge with the optional Hygiene Excellence Part 2-clinical live patient course.  

Learning Objectives

Day 1

Hands-On Dentiform Learning

  • Perform exploration techniques to detect residual calculus deposits
  • Create advanced fulcrums to provide optimum parallelism for access and instrumentation of deep periodontal pockets
  • Create and use an extended grasp for improved access and stroke production
  • Evaluate new instrument designs that can enhance your practice
  • Learn and practice piezo vs magnetostrictive ultrasonic techniques
  • Evaluate insert selection, sequence and adaptation for the best clinical outcomes
  • Care for your existing instruments to ensure efficiency and patient comfort
  • Perform exercises that strengthen the hands and improve flexibility
  • Learn in-office and home stretching techniques to keep our body feeling its best
  • Describe optimum patient/operator positioning to provide the best leverage and least operator effort for performing periodontal instrumentation

Day 2

Live Patient Clinical Course

  • Gain clinical one-on-one instruction with live patient treatment sessions
  • Enhance your practice with live patient experience on skills from Day 1
  • Live demo and hands-on practice of advanced instrumentation
  • Learn advanced instrument tray setup and sequencing for your perio patient cases
  • Utilize various evacuation devices for the reduction of aerosols
  • Learn tips and tricks for increased operator visibility and ergonomics

Enhanced Hygiene Part 1– 8:30am-4:00pm 7CE
Fee $350+GST-Includes lunch, prizes and attendee package valued over $150

Enhanced Hygiene Day 1 is a pre-requisite for clinical live patient Day 2.

Enhanced Hygiene Part 1 & 2- 8:30am-3:00pm 13CE
Clinical Sessions Run on June 20th & June 28th 
Fee $625+GST-Includes both Part 1 and Part 2 Courses

REFUND policy for Hygiene Excellence Courses – if four weeks or more notice is provided to Advanced Hygiene Solutions a 50% refund will be given; if less than four weeks notice is given no refund is provided.
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