The Future Of Caries Management in the Dental Practice

Creating Empowered and Profitable Dental Hygiene Teams

caries-featuredMinimally-Invasive Treatment using Risk Assessment: A Prevention-Focused Model for the Entire Team

Dental caries remains the most prevalent chronic disease in both children and adults, even though it is largely preventable. A structured caries risk assessment for each patient should be carried out based upon the concept of the caries balance. CAMBRA is a comprehensive system to assess and manage the underlying pathological factors of caries disease.
This course unlocks the keys to apply CAMBRA in your daily practice.  Simplifies the mechanics of risk assessment and gives you a treatment plan to match your patient’s risk level utilizing a prevention-focused model for the prevention and management of dental caries.

Who should take this course?
• Dental professionals: dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, dental therapists

Learning Objectives

• Recognize the value of managing biofilm disease through risk assessment, patient education and treatment
• Understand the distinction among disease indicators, pathological (biological risk) factors, and protective factors
• Understand the sequence for the entire CAMBRA method
• Understand how to assess caries risk for an individual as low, moderate, high, or extreme
• Learn the currently recommended chemical therapy for patients at low, moderate, high, or extreme risk
• To study numerous examples of risk assessment and therapy and how to build this into the treatment plan
• Understand the differences between risk assessment for young children, older children, and adults
• Learn bacterial assessment methods
• Examine new minimally invasive chemotherapeutic options for caries management

*Hands on practice of silver diamine application and bacterial DNA testing

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