The Roadmap to Practice Profitability

Creating Empowered and Profitable Dental Hygiene Teams

Join practice building powerhouses – Chrissy Ford RDH and Dr. Angela Mulrooney – To level up your production and supercharge your hygiene department!

A thriving hygiene department can have a major influence on the overall success of your dental practice. Not only are hygiene services important to the overall patient’s health, they are important for the practice in terms of generating restorative opportunity, patient retention and practice growth.

Have you invested time and money to acquire leading-edge clinical skills and the best technology on the market… only to watch them gather dust? The dream is to do the dentistry you love with patients who want it while working less and earning more. The best dentists rarely realize the dream because success is not determined by clinical expertise.
This course outlines a system to build verbal communication skills – critical to selling modern, advanced dentistry. By placing the patient experience in at the center of every conversation and interaction – you will unlock the secrets of a happy, thriving, profitable practice.

You will learn:

  • Learn the 5 characteristics of a profitable dental hygiene department
  • Understand the top key hygiene business targets to analyze your hygiene department’s effectiveness
  • Discover how to empower your team while increasing production by 20-200% in your hygiene department
  • Learn to use systematic patient communication techniques to get patients telling you exactly what they want
  • Understand how to select care that delivers results the patient wants, within budget, regardless of what insurance pays out
  • Discover how to create treatment plans that fulfill patient wants

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